A downloadable game for Windows

Your motivation is your biggest flaw, getting back to power is really necessary?

Experience the journey of Momochi, a human who was to become king, transformed into a cat by his enemies so that he did not ascend to the throne.

Nekomancer is made by 3 people.

João Vitor Dias • Raphael Caetano • Renato Gomes 


Nekomancer.zip 22 MB


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Quando finaliza este game? Quantos % já está finalizado?

This was another weird game (which this video seemed to be full of). I had real idea what I was doing, so maybe if there was a sense of direction or controls then I would be able to play the game? Gameplay from 14:10 to 15:53

A. Doesn't return to anything on death.
B. No means for canceling a wall grab (can easily screw up timing)
C. No explanation of controls.
D. Third screen is impossible to perform (or is victim of C)